Version 0.10.1 – Stick Configuration and FrSky/HoTT Telemetry Support

Version 0.10.1 – Stick Configuration and FrSky/HoTT Telemetry Support

Actually, this version deserved its own major version number, but the version 1.0.0 is already reserved Futaba. Nevertheless, a lot has changed with this update. In addition to some beauty work on the Konfiguration Manager, the telemetry protocol selection without you computer is now possible. How about the remote control, the protocol selection can be found in our manual.

But that’s not all. The biggest change in this version concerns the FrSky protocol. The AnySense can now speak with FrSky S.Port sensors. That way you can extend the Naza sensor data, with additional sensors from FrSky and use them with all supported telemetry systems. The following sensors are supported.


  • Lipo-Sensors (FrSky FLVSS)
  • Stromsensor 40 A (FrSky FCS-40)
  • Stromsensor 150 A (FrSky FCS-150)
  • GPS Sensors V2 (FrSky GPS V2)
  • Vario Sensors (FrSky FVAS-02-HP)

Changelog Version 0.10.1

  • Konfiguration Manager updated
  • Telemetry system selection via remote control
  • FrSky Sensor support and conversion to Graupner/SJ HoTT, MavLink and in the near future also to Futaba SBUS2 and Jeti.

ProductdetailsDownload FW 0.10.1

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