Be a Pro

Be a Pro


Finally the time has come to release our unique AnySense Pro.
Just before easter you can order our AnySense Pro on Friday the 25.03.2016 at 9pm.
We never expected such a huge amount of reservations and feel very honored.
This exceeds all our plans and shows how much our products are appreciated and in demand.
This is why we first of all only have a small amount of products for our customers without reservation until the new production has arrived.
So if you want to be first, order while stocks last.
All reservations until 23.02.16 receive preferential treatment.
Our team did not just want to bring out a follower. We want to earn the addition “Pro”, but convince yourself:

Here's a quick insight into the innovations of our AnySense Pro:


A2,PixHawk, Solo+ und Tarot ZYX
With A2,PixHawk, Solo+ and Tarot ZYX with A2,PixHawk, Solo+ and Tarot ZYX*
there are four new flight control systems conpared to our AnySense.
These expand the abilities of AnySense Pro a lot.

AnySense Studio

The configuration manager has been completely reworked and scores now not only by its design
but the ease of use has greatly changed.
Connecting with AnySense Pro is now easy peasy.
Start, connect, ready.
Moreover live data is displayed in AnySense Studio and parallel at your remote controller,OSD in real-time.

Operating without flight control

AnySense Pro provides you telemetry technology which has it all because it works even without flight control.
So what does it mean?
You can use FrySky sensors with foreign remote control without having a multicopter flight control in use.
AnySense Pro is only connected to the FrySky sensors and is instantly ready to use and can transfer telemetry data from
the sensors to the supportive remote controllers and OSD.

Micro SD-Card

Logging function of your flight data on a micro sd card so that they can be evaluated or serve as flight book with archive.
So you can prove at any time, when and where you flew.


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