AnySense Pro – Telemetry module

AnySense Pro – Telemetry module



AnySense Pro turns your Radio Control into a real-time telemetry system with no costs for additional hardware, such as a GPS sensor, voltage module or vario.
Additionally all data will also be saved on the storage card of your remote control. With the right tools, you can easily visualise the content of the storage card, export it to Excel or even embed it into existing videos.

Weight 0.03 g
Kompatible Autopilot-Systeme

DJI A2 M, DJI Wookong M, DJI Naza-M, DJI Naza-M V2, DJI Phantom 2, DJI Phantom 1, Pixhawk

Kompatible R/C Systeme

Futaba S.Bus2, Spektrum X-Bus, GRAUPNER/SJ HoTT, Multiplex MSB, Jeti Duplex EX, FrSky S.Port, Mavlink




1x AnySense Telemetry module, 1x AnySense Telemetry Cable, 1x AnySense Spektrum Cable, 1x Micro USB-Kabel, 1x Micro SD-Card, 1x USB Micro SD Cardreader


ca.: 21 x 30 x 10 mm


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Plug & Fly

Easy to install and setup in just 3 Steps:

  1. Connect the AnySense to the CAN Bus
  2. Select your Telemetry System
  3. Connect it to your RC-Receiver

Now you are ready to Fly.


Further information can be found in the AnySense Pro – Instruction Manual.

Telemetry Information

  • GPS Position (Latitude/Longitude)
  • RTH/Failsafe Home Position (Latitude/Longitude)
  • GPS satellites
  • GPS Fix (0=No, 2=2D, 3=3D, 4=DGPS)
  • GPS Speed (in km/h)
  • GPS Altitude (in m)
  • GPS Variometer (in m/s)
  • GPS Flightdirection (in degree)
  • Flightmode (0=Manuell, 1=GPS, 2=Failsafe, 3=Atti.)
  • Barometric Altitude (in m) (very accurate)
  • Barometric Variometer (in m/s)
  • Nick and roll (in degree)
  • Compass (in degree)
  • Battery (in volt)
  • Current (in ampere) *
  • Capacity (in mAh) *
  • Lipo Sensor (in volt) *
* only Phantom 2 or additional FrSky sensors

Operating without flight control or FrSky Sensor addons

AnySense Pro provides you telemetry technology which has it all because it works even without flight control.
So what does it mean?
You can use FrySky sensors with foreign remote control without having a multicopter flight control in use.
AnySense Pro is only connected to the FrySky sensors and is instantly ready to use and can transfer telemetry data from
the sensors to the supportive remote controllers and OSD.

Thereby, the sensor data of the following FrSky sensors are prepared for the Futaba S.Bus2, Jeti Duplex EX, Graupner/SJ HoTT,MultiPlex,Spektrum or MAVLink and correspondingly transmitted to your remote control.


  • Current sensor 40 A (FrSky FCS-40)
  • LiPo sensors (FrSky FLVSS)
  • Current sensor 150 A (FrSky FCS-150)
  • GPS V2
  • Variometer
  • RPM
  • Airspeed

Up to 12 cells and more can be measured by using several LiPo sensors. At the same time several current sensors can also be connected in order to be able to measure currents above 150A.

MAVLink support (e.g. MinimOSD, Amimon Connex)

With the support of the MAVLink protocol, the AnySense Pro adapts the disparity between the standard protocol that is widespread in the multicopter segment and the DJI,Tarot products.

Thus DJI and Tarot pilots also gain access to many add-ons and expert functions that were previously only available for other flight controllers.

The MinimOSD is a very flexible OSD, which makes it possible to set up two different views for the OSD, so-called panels, and to change from one panel to another during operation using a switch on the remote control.

An optionally available AnySense MAVLink OSD cable is available for connecting to the AnySense to simplify the connection to the OSD.

OnBoard logging

The AnySense Pro records all flight informations at 15 Hz (meaning 15 times every second). It’s an almost unimaginably large store of information.
You can download these logs from the SD Card onto your computer and analyze, visualize and share them with your friends.
This gives you the ability to see exactly what happened in flight and when and where it happened.

  • update rate at 15 times/Seconds
  • GPS data
  • Vario data
  • Battery informations
  • Motor outputs
  • RC-Channels
  • and much more

AnySense Studio

AnySense Studio is the ground station tool for Windows that allows you to setup the AnySense Pro and view telemetry informations. That is as easy as plugging the micro USB cable from the AnySense Pro to an free USB port on your Computer.

AnySense Studio checks automatically for updates upon startup and notifies you if an update is available.

Supported operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10


Futaba S.Bus2 (FASSTest, T-FHSS)

The AnySense is compatible with any S.BUS2 receiver and act as following Futaba Sensors:

  • VARIO-1672
  • CURR-1678
  • SBS-01G
  • Lowest cell voltage in mV (SBS-01RM/0)
  • Compass in degree (SBS-01RM/0)
  • Number of Satellites (SBS-01T)
  • Naza Flight-Mode (SBS-01T) (0=Manual, 1=GPS, 2=Failsafe, 3=Atti.)
  • Lipo Temperature (SBS-01T)

Multiplex MSB

The Multiplex MSB Telemetry up to 16 Telemetry values from Addresse 0 to Addresse 15. The has to be distinct over any connected Sensor connected to Sensor Bus. In the Konfiguration Manager Tool, you can select which Address (0-15) delivers which telemetry value of the AnySense. You can also disable the telemetry output for Address, if the Address is used by another Sensor on the Bus.

Graupner/SJ HoTT

The AnySense replaces the GPS, EAM, GAM and Vario Sensor. How the informations are displayed, depends on your Graupner remote.

Multicopter Telmetry Screen

Graupner/SJ MZ-24 - GPS Telemetry Screen

Graupner/SJ MX-12/16/20

Multicopter Telmetry Screen

GPS Telemetry Screen

GPS Telemetry Screen 2

Vario Telemetry Screen

GAM Telemetry Screen

Jeti Duplex EX

The Jeti Duplex EX system allows up to 15 telemetry values to be transmitted. As the AnySense can supply more values, in the standard configuration the telemetry values depicted will be transmitted.

Sensor Auswahl

Telemetry Screen 1

Telemetry Screen 2

Sensor Auswahl

Telemetry Screen 3

Telemetry Screen 4

FrSky S.Port (Taranis)

Speed in km/h based on the GPS position change.
Flightdirection in degree. Selectable: Course over Ground, (Tilt compensated-) compass
GPS based altitude in meter.
Barometric altitude in meter.
Vertical speed in m/s. Selectable: barometric or GPS
Distance to home
AccX, AccY
X,Y angle in degree
Battery voltage in volt.
Lowest Lipo voltage in volt*
Current in Ampere*
Total current consumption in milliampere/Hour*
Number of GPS satellites.
GPS Fix: 0 = No Fix, 2= 2D, 3 = 3D, 4 = DGPS
* only with Phantom 2 or additional FrSky sensors